Sensationnel Empress Syn Loose Deep Lace Front Edge Wig

Sensationnel Empress Syn Loose Deep Lace Front Edge Wig

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Empress Custom Lace Wig Loose Deep. Stocking Cap Wigs are loved by all, because you can customize styles with hair that flows naturally and a cap that fits comfortably to anyone. Empress Lace Wig introduces our pre-made stocking cap quality lace wig. We have chosen the most popular curl patterns and applied them to a cap that is similar to that of a stocking cap. Custom Lace Wig will definitely give you the most natural and beautiful styles! Perfectly customized for:

Most natural look & comfortable custom fit. Fuller, voluminous styles 30-40% more hair than usual. All back styling option & voluminous natural front. Free parting placement options.

Available color:1B


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